punishment for having begun a good deed and left it unfinished,
for "he who begins a good deed, and does not execute
it to the end, brings down misfortune upon his own head."
Judah had rescued Joseph from death, but it was his suggestion
to sell him into slavery. Had he urged them to
restore the lad to his father, his brethren would have obeyed
his words. He was lacking in constancy to persist until he
had completed the work of Joseph's deliverance, which he
had begun.[95]

In the same year, the year of Joseph's misfortune, all his
other brethren married, too. Reuben's wife was named
Elyoram, the daughter of the Canaanite Uzzi of Timnah.
Simon married his sister Dinah first, and then a second wife.
When Simon and Levi massacred the men of Shechem, Dinah

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