refused to leave the city and follow her brethren, saying,
"Whither shall I carry my shame?" But Simon swore he
would marry her, as he did later, and when she died in
Egypt, he took her body to the Holy Land and buried it
there. Dinah bore her brother a son,[96] and from her union
with Shechem, the son of Hamor, sprang a daughter, Asenath
by name, afterward the wife of Joseph. When this daughter
was born to Dinah, her brethren, the sons of Jacob,
wanted to kill her, that the finger of men might not point at
the fruit of sin in their father's house. But Jacob took a
piece of tin, inscribed the Holy Name upon it, and bound it
about the neck of the girl, and he put her under a thornbush,
and abandoned her there. An angel carried the babe
down to Egypt, where Potiphar adopted her as his child,
for his wife was barren. Years thereafter, when Joseph

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