grandson of Eber; the wife of the former was named
Adinah, the wife of the latter, Aridah. Dan's wife was
Elflalet, a daughter of the Moabite Hamudan. For a long
time their marriage remained childless, finally they had a
son, whom they called Hushim. Gad and Naphtali married
women from Haran, two sisters, daughters of Amoram, a
grandson of Nahor. Naphtali's wife, Merimit, was the
older of the two, and the younger, the wife of Gad, was
named Uzit.

Asher's first wife was Adon, the daughter of Ephlal, a
grandson of Ishmael. She died childless, and he married a
second wife, Hadorah, a daughter of Abimael, the grandson
of Shem. She had been married before, her first husband
having been Malchiel, also a grandson of Shem, and the

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