issue of this first marriage was a daughter, Serah by
name. When Asher brought his wife to Canaan, the three
year old orphan Serah came with them. She was raised in
the house of Jacob, and she walked in the way of pious
children, and God gave her beauty, wisdom, and sagacity.

Zebulon's wife was Maroshah, the daughter of Molad, a
grandson of Midian, the son of Abraham by Keturah.

For Benjamin, when he was but ten years old, Jacob took
Mahlia to wife, the daughter of Aram, the grandson of
Terah, and she bore him five sons. At the age of eighteen
he married a second wife, Arbat, the daughter of Zimran,
a son of Abraham by Keturah, and by her also he had five

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