a crime." As Joseph held firmly to what he had said,
Potiphar ordered him to prison, until his masters should return.
In her sinful longing for him, his wife wanted to
have Joseph in her own house, and she remonstrated with
her husband in these words: "Wherefore dost thou keep
the captive, nobly-born slave a prisoner? Thou shouldst
rather set him at liberty and have him serve thee." He
answered, "The law of the Egyptians does not permit us to
take what belongs to another before all titles are made
clear," and Joseph stayed in prison for twenty-four days,
until the return of the Ishmaelites to Egypt.

Meanwhile they had heard somewhere that Joseph was
the son of Jacob, and they therefore said to him: "Why
didst thou pretend that thou wast a slave? See, we have

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