His prayer was heard. Potiphar convinced himself that
God was with Joseph. Sometimes he would make a test of
Joseph's miraculous powers. If he brought him a glass of
hippocras, he would say, "I would rather have wine mixed
with absinthe," and straightway the spiced wine was
changed into bitter wine. Whatever he desired, he could be
sure to get from Joseph, and he saw clearly that God fulfilled
the wishes of his slave. Therefore he put all the keys of
his house into his hand, and he knew not aught that was
with him,[102] keeping back nothing from Joseph but his
Seeing that the Shekinah rested upon him, Potiphar treated
Joseph not as a slave, but as a member of his family, for he
said, "This youth is not cut out for a slave's work, he is
worthy of a prince's place."[104] Accordingly, he provided

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