no sons, she would pretend a desire to adopt him. Joseph
then prayed to God in her behalf, and she bore a son. However,
she continued to embrace him as though he were her
own child, yet he did not notice her evil designs. Finally,
when he recognized her wanton trickery, he mourned many
days, and endeavored to turn her away from her sinful passion
by the word of God. She, on her side, often threatened
him with death, and surrendered him to castigations in order
to make him amenable to her will, and when these means
had no effect upon Joseph, she sought to seduce him with
enticements. She would say, "I promise thee, thou shalt rule
over me and all I have, if thou wilt but give thyself up to
me. and thou shalt be to me the same as my lawful husband."
But Joseph was mindful of the words of his fathers, and he
went into his chamber, and fasted, and prayed to God, that

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