wife of Potiphar fell upon her face at the feet of Joseph, and
amid tears she promised not to commit this sin again.

But her unholy passion for Joseph did not depart from
her, and her distress over her unfulfilled wish made her look
so ill that her husband said to her, "Why is thy countenance
fallen?" And she replied, "I have a pain at my heart, and
the groanings of my spirit oppress me."

Once when she was alone with Joseph, she rushed toward
him, crying, "I will throttle myself, or I will jump into a well
or a pit, if thou wilt not yield thyself to me." Noticing her
extreme agitation, Joseph endeavored to calm her with these
words, "Remember, if thou makest away with thyself, thy
husband's concubine, Asteho, thy rival, will maltreat thy

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