Nor could threats move him. She would say, "I will bring
false accusations against thee before thy master," and Joseph
would reply, "The Lord executeth judgment for the oppressed."
Or, "I will deprive thee of food;" whereupon
Joseph, "The Lord giveth food to the hungry." Or, "I
will have thee thrown into prison;" whereupon Joseph,
"The Lord looseth the prisoners." Or, "I will put heavy
labor upon thee that will bend thee double;" whereupon
Joseph, "The Lord raiseth up them that are bowed down."
Or, "I will blind thine eyes;" whereupon Joseph, "The
Lord openeth the eyes of the blind."[112]

When she began to exercise her blandishments upon him,
he rejected them with the words, "I fear my master." But
Zuleika would say, "I will kill him." Joseph replied with

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