"If the unmarried women of the heathen are prohibited
unto us, how much more their married women?[116] As the
Lord liveth, I will not commit the crime thou biddest me do."
In this Joseph followed the example of many pious men, who
utter an oath at the moment when they are in danger of succumbing
to temptation, and seek thus to gather moral courage
to control their evil instincts."

When Zuleika could not prevail upon him, to persuade
him, her desire threw her into a grievous sickness, and all
the women of Egypt came to visit her, and they said unto
her, "Why art thou so languid and wasted, thou that lackest
nothing? Is not thy husband a prince great and esteemed
in the sight of the king? Is it possible that thou canst want
aught of what thy heart desireth?" Zuleika answered them,

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