Behold, I set oranges before you to eat, and you have cut
your hands." All the women looked at their hands, and, lo,
they were full of blood, and it flowed down and stained their
garments. They said to Zuleika, "This slave in thy house
did enchant us, and we could not turn our eyes away from
him on account of his beauty." She then said: "This happened
to you that looked upon him but a moment, and you
could not refrain yourselves! How, then, can I control
myself in whose house he abideth continually, who see him
go in and out day after day? How, then, should I not waste
away, or keep from languishing on account of him!" And
the women spake, saying: "It is true, who can look upon
this beauty in the house, and refrain her feelings? But he
is thy slave! Why dost thou not disclose to him that which
is in thy heart, rather than suffer thy life to perish through

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