whole house with cassia and frankincense, spread myrrh
and aloes all over, and afterward sat herself down at the
entrance to the hall, in the vestibule leading to the house,
through which Joseph had to pass to his work.

And, behold, Joseph came from the field, and he was on
the point of entering the house to do his master's work, but
when he reached the place where Zuleika sat, and saw all
she had done, he turned back. His mistress, perceiving it,
called out to him, "What aileth thee, Joseph? Go to thy
work, I will make room for thee, that thou mayest pass by
to thy seat." Joseph did as she bade him, he entered the
house, took his seat, and set about his master's work as
usual. Then Zuleika stood before him suddenly in all her
beauty of person and magnificence of raiment, and repeated

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