was he outside when the sinful passion again overwhelmed
him, and he returned to Zuleika's chamber. Then the Lord
appeared unto him, holding the Eben Shetiyah[124] in His
hand, and said to him: "If thou touchest her, I will cast
away this stone upon which the earth is founded, and the
world will fall to ruin." Sobered again, Joseph started
to escape from his mistress,[125] but Zuleika caught him by his
garment, and she said: "As the king liveth, if thou wilt
not fulfil my wish, thou must die," and while she spoke thus,
she drew a sword with her free hand from under her dress,
and, pressing it against Joseph's throat, she said, "Do as I
bid thee, or thou diest." Joseph ran out, leaving a piece of
his garment in the hands of Zuleika as he wrenched himself
loose from the grasp of the woman with a quick, energetic

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