told the tale of Joseph's alleged outrage, saying: "See the
Hebrew slave, whom your master hath brought in unto my
house, and who attempted to do violence to me to-day! You
had scarcely gone away to the festival when be entered the
house, and making sure that no one was here he tried to
force me to yield to his lustful desire. But I grasped his
clothes, tore them, and cried with a loud voice. When he
heard that I lifted up my voice and cried, he was seized with
fear, and be fled, and got him out, but he left his garment
by me." The men of her house spake not a word, but, in a
rage against Joseph, they went to their master, and reported
to him what had come to pass.[130] In the meantime the husbands
of Zuleika's friends had also spoken to Potiphar, at
the instigation of their wives, and complained of his slave,
that he molested them.[131]

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