an influence upon her husband.[133]

Potiphar gave credence to her words, and he had Joseph
flogged unmercifully. While the cruel blows fell upon him,
he cried to God, "O Lord, Thou knowest that I am innocent
of these things, and why should I die to-day on account of
a false accusation by the hands of these uncircumcised,
impious men?" God opened the mouth of Zuleika's child,
a babe of but eleven months, and he spoke to the men that
were beating Joseph, saying: "What is your quarrel with
this man? Why do you inflict such evil upon him? Lies
my mother doth speak, and deceit is what her mouth uttereth.
This is the true tale of that which did happen," and the
child proceeded to tell all that had passed--how Zuleika had
tried first to persuade Joseph to act wickedly, and then had

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