induced her husband to change his intention regarding Joseph;
she urged him to imprison the slave rather than kill
him, for she hoped that as a prisoner he could be made
amenable to her wishes more easily. She spake to her husband,
saying: "Do not destroy thy property. Cast the slave
in prison and keep him there until thou canst sell him, and
receive back the money thou didst pay out for him."[138] Thus
she had the opportunity of visiting Joseph in his cell and
trying to persuade him to do her will. She would say,
"This and that outrage have I executed against thee, but, as
thou livest, I will put yet other outrages upon thee if thou
dost not obey me." But Joseph replied, "The Lord executeth
judgment for the oppressed."

Zuleika: "I will push matters so far that all men will

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