shown themselves derelict in their service. In the wine
the chief butler had handed to the king to drink, a fly
had been discovered, and the bread set upon the royal
board by the chief baker contained a little pebble."[143] On
account of all these transgressions they were condemned to
death by Pharaoh, but for the sake of Joseph it was ordained
by Divine providence that the king should first detain
them in prison before he ordered their execution. The
Lord had enkindled the wrath of the king against his
servants only that the wish of Joseph for liberty might
be fulfilled, for they were the instruments of his deliverance
from prison, and though they were doomed to death, yet in
consideration of the exalted office they had held at court,
the keeper of the prison accorded them privileges, as, for
instance, a man was detailed to wait upon them, and the one

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