grazed peaceably on the brink of the river, In years when
the harvest is abundant, friendship reigns among men, and
love and brotherly harmony, and these seven fat kine stood
for seven such prosperous years. After the fat kine, seven
more came up out of the river, ill-favored and lean-
fleshed, and each had her back turned to the others, for
when distress prevails, one man turns away from the other.
For a brief space Pharaoh awoke, and when he went to sleep
again, he dreamed a second dream, about seven rank and
good ears of corn, and seven ears that were thin and blasted
with the east wind,[157] the withered cars swallowing the full
ears. He awoke at once, and it was morning, and dreams
dreamed in the morning are the ones that come true.[158]

This was not the first time Pharaoh had had these dreams.

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