They had visited him every night during a period of two
years, and he had forgotten them invariably in the morning.
This was the first time he remembered them, for the
day had arrived for Joseph to come forth from his prison
house.[159] Pharaoh's heart beat violently when he called
his dreams to mind on awaking.[160] Especially the second
one, about the ears of corn, disquieted him. He reflected
that whatever has a mouth can eat, and therefore the dream
of the seven lean kine that ate up the seven fat kine did not
appear strange to him. But the ears of corn that swallowed
up other ears of corn troubled his spirit.[161] He therefore
called for all the wise men of his land, and they endeavored
in vain to find a satisfactory interpretation. They explained
that the seven fat kine meant seven daughters to be born
unto Pharaoh, and the seven lean kine, that he would bury

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