the royal decree.

However, Mirod, Pharaoh's chief butler,[163] took fright,
seeing that the king was so vexed at his failure to secure an
interpretation of his dreams that he was on the point of
giving up the ghost. He was alarmed about the king's death,
for it was doubtful whether the successor to the throne would
retain him in office. He resolved to do all in his power to
keep Pharaoh alive. Therefore he stepped before him, and
spake, saying, "I do remember two faults of mine this day,
I showed myself ungrateful to Joseph, in that I did not bring
his request before thee, and also I saw thee in distress by
reason of thy dream, without letting thee know that Joseph
can interpret dreams.[164] When it pleased the Lord God to
make Pharaoh wroth with his servants, the king put me in

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