hastily out of the dungeon, but first Joseph, out of respect
for the king, shaved himself, and put on fresh raiment,
which an angel brought him from Paradise, and then he
came in unto Pharaoh.[169]

The king was sitting upon the royal throne, arrayed in
princely garments, clad with a golden ephod upon his breast,
and the fine gold of the ephod sparkled, and the carbuncle,
the ruby, and the emerald flamed like a torch, and all the
precious stones set upon the king's head flashed like a blazing
fire, and Joseph was greatly amazed at the appearance
of the king. The throne upon which he sat was covered
with gold and silver and with onyx stones, and it had
seventy steps. If a prince or other distinguished person
came to have an audience with the king, it was the custom

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