Then Pharaoh began to tell his dream, only he omitted
some points and narrated others inaccurately in order that
he might test the vaunted powers of Joseph. But the youth
corrected him, and pieced the dreams together exactly as
they had visited Pharaoh in the night, and the king was
greatly amazed.[174] Joseph was able to accomplish this feat,
because he had dreamed the same dream as Pharaoh, at the
same time as he.[175] Thereupon Pharaoh retold his dreams,
with all details and circumstances, and precisely as he had
seen them in his sleep, except that he left out the word Nile
in the description of the seven lean kine, because this river
was worshipped by the Egyptians, and he hesitated to say
that aught that is evil had come from his god.[176]

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