The astrologers, who were his counsellors, demurred, saying,
"A slave, one whom his present owner hath acquired
for twenty pieces of silver, thou proposest to set over us as
master?" But Pharaoh maintained that Joseph was not
only a free-born man beyond the peradventure of a doubt,
but also the scion of a noble family.[181] However, the princes
of Pharaoh were not silenced, they continued to give utterance
to their opposition to Joseph, saying: "Dost thou not
remember the immutable law of the Egyptians, that none
may serve as king or as viceroy unless he speaks all the
languages of men? And this Hebrew knows none but his
own tongue, and how were it possible that a man should rule
over us who cannot even speak the language of our land?
Send and have him fetched hither, and examine him in
respect to all the things a ruler should know and have, and

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