Joseph, and as many at the left of him.[184] The women and
the maidens of the nobility looked out of the windows to
gaze upon Joseph's beauty, and they poured down chains
upon him, and rings and jewels, that he might but direct
his eyes toward them. Yet he did not look up, and as a reward
God made him proof against the evil eye, nor has it
ever had the power of inflicting harm upon any of his
descendants.[185] Servants of the king, preceding him and
following him, burnt incense upon his path, and cassia, and all
manner of sweet spices, and strewed myrrh and aloes wherever
he went. Twenty heralds walked before him, and they
proclaimed: "This is the man whom the king bath chosen
to be the second after him. All the affairs of state will be
administered by him, and whoever resisteth his commands,
or refuseth to bow down to the ground before him, he will

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