precious stones, whereon there was a representation of the
whole land of Egypt and of the river Nile. And as Joseph
multiplied in riches, so he increased also in wisdom, for God
added to his wisdom that all might love and honor him.[186]
Pharaoh called him Zaphenath-paneah, he who can reveal
secret things with ease, and rejoiceth the heart of man
therewith. Each letter of the name Zaphenath-paneah has a
meaning, too. The first, Zadde, stands for Zofeh, seer; Pe
for Podeh, redeemer; Nun for Nabi, prophet; Taw for
Tomek, supporter; Pe for Poter, interpreter of dreams; Ain
for Arum, clever; Nun for Nabon, discreet; and Het for
Hakam, wise.[187]

The name of Joseph's wife pointed to her history in the
same way. Asenath was the daughter of Dinah and Hamor,

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