but she was abandoned at the borders of Egypt, only, that
people might know who she was, Jacob engraved the story
of her parentage and her birth upon a gold plate fastened
around her neck. The day on which Asenath was exposed,
Potiphar went walking with his servants near the city
wall, and they heard the voice of a child. At the captain's
bidding they brought the baby to him, and when he read
her history from the gold plate, he determined to adopt her.
He took her home with him, and raised her as his daughter.
The Alef in Asenath stands for On, where Potiphar was
priest; the Samek for Setirah, Hidden, for she was kept concealed
on account of her extraordinary beauty; the Nun for
Nohemet, for she wept and entreated that she might be delivered
from the house of the heathen Potiphar; and the Taw
for Tammah, the perfect one, on account of her pious, perfect

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