in number at that time, were sore pressed, and applied to
the king of Egypt for help against their enemies. At the
head of his host of heroes, Joseph marched to the land of
Havilah, where he was joined by the Ishmaelites, and with
united forces they fought against the people of Tarshish,
routed them utterly, settled their land with the Ishmaelites,
while the defeated men took refuge with their brethren in
Javan. Joseph and his army returned to Egypt, and not a
man had they lost.

In a little while Joseph's prophecy was confirmed: that
year and the six following years were years of plenty, as
he had foretold.[191] The harvest was so ample that a single
ear produced two heaps of grain,[192] and Joseph made circumspect
arrangements to provide abundantly for the years of

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