Thus they were driven to apply to Joseph and beseech his
help, and he admonished them, saying, "Give up your allegiance
to your deceitful idols, and say, Blessed is He who
giveth bread unto all flesh." But they refused to deny their
lying gods, and they betook themselves to Pharaoh, only
to be told by him, "Go unto Joseph; what he saith to you,
do!" For this Pharaoh was rewarded. God granted him
long life and a long reign, until he became arrogant, and
well-merited punishment overtook him.[195]

When the Egyptians approached Joseph with the petition
for bread, he spoke, saying, "I give no food to the
uncircumcised. Go hence, and circumcise yourselves, and then
return hither." They entered the presence of Pharaoh, and

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