buy grain in Egypt may not send his slave hither to do his
bidding, but he must charge his own sons therewith. An
Egyptian or a Canaanite that hath bought grain and then
selleth it again shall be put to death, for none may buy more
than he requireth for the needs of his household. Also, who
cometh with two or three beasts of burden, and loads them
up with grain, shall be put to death."

At the gates of the city of Egypt, Joseph stationed guards,
whose office was to inquire and take down the name of all
that should come to buy corn, and also the name of their
father and their grandfather, and every evening the list of
names thus made was handed to Joseph. These precautions
were bound to bring Joseph's brethren down to Egypt, and
also acquaint him with their coming as soon as they entered

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