suffer the same fate at their hands as the city of Shechem.[215]
Also, he preferred Simon to Levi, because Simon was not a
favorite among the sons of Jacob, and they would not resist
his detention in Egypt too violently, while they might annihilate
Egypt, as aforetime Shechem, if they were deprived
of Levi, their wise man and high priest.[216] Besides, it was
Simon that had lowered Joseph into the pit, wherefore he
had a particular grudge against him.[217]

When the brethren yielded to Joseph's demand, and consented
to leave their brother behind as hostage, Simon said
to them, "Ye desire to do with me as ye did with Joseph!"
But they replied, in despair: "What can we do? Our
households will perish of hunger." Simon made answer,
"Do as ye will, but as for me, let me see the man that will

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