My business to raise his son to the position of ruler of
Egypt, and he complains, and says, Wherefore dealt ye so
ill with-me?" And Judah protested against the reproach,
that he had initiated the Egyptian viceroy in their family
relations, with the words: "Why, he knew the very wood
of which our baby coaches are made![228] Father," he continued,
"if Benjamin goes with us, he may, indeed, be taken
from us, but also he may not. This is a doubtful matter,
but it is certain that if he does not go with us, we shall all
die of hunger. It is better not to concern thyself about what
is doubtful, and guide thy actions by what is certain.[229] The
king of Egypt is a strong and mighty king, and if we go to
him without our brother, we shall all be put to death. Dost
thou not know, and hast thou not heard, that this king is
very powerful and wise, and there is none like unto him in all

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