the earth? We have seen all the kings of the earth, but none
like unto the king of Egypt. One would surely say that
among all the kings of the earth there is none greater than
Abimelech king of the Philistines, yet the king of Egypt is
greater and mightier than he, and Abimelech can hardly be
compared with one of his officers. Father, thou hast not
seen his palace and his throne, and all his servants standing
before him. Thou hast not seen that king upon his throne,
in all his magnificence and with his royal insignia, arrayed
in his royal robes, with a large golden crown upon his head.
Thou hast not seen the honor and the glory that God hath
given unto him, for there is none like unto him in all the
earth. Father, thou hast not seen the wisdom, the understanding,
and the knowledge that God has given in his
heart. We heard his sweet voice when he spake unto us.

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