We know not, father, who acquainted him with our names,
and all that befell us. He asked also concerning thee, saying,
Is your father still alive, and is it well with him? Thou
hast not seen the affairs of the government of Egypt regulated
by him, for none asketh his lord Pharaoh about them.
Thou hast not seen the awe and the fear that he imposes
upon all the Egyptians. Even we went out from his presence
threatening to do unto Egypt as unto the cities of the
Amorites, and exceedingly wroth by reason of all his words
that he spake concerning us as spies, yet when we came
again before him, his terror fell upon us all, and none of us
was able to speak a word to him, great or small. Now,
therefore, father, send the lad with us, and we will arise and
go down into Egypt, and buy food to eat, that we die not of

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