Judah offered his portion in the world to come as surety
for Benjamin, and thus solemnly he promised to bring him
back safe and sound, and Jacob granted his request, and
permitted Benjamin to go down into Egypt with his other
sons. They also carried with them choice presents from
their father for the ruler of Egypt, things that arouse wonder
outside of Palestine, such as the murex, which is the
snail that produces the Tyrian purple, and various kinds of
balm, and almond oil, and pistachio oil, and honey as hard as
stone. Furthermore, Jacob put double money in their hand
to provide against a rise in prices in the meantime. And
after all these matters were attended to, he spake to his sons,
saying: "Here is money, and here is a present, and also your
brother. Is there aught else that you need?" And they

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