Jacob also put a letter addressed to the viceroy of Egypt
into the hands of his son. The letter ran thus: "From thy
servant Jacob, the son of Isaac, the grandson of Abraham,
prince of God, to the mighty and wise king Zaphenathpaneah,
the ruler of Egypt, peace! I make known unto my
lord the king that the famine is sore with us in the land of
Canaan, and I have therefore sent my sons unto thee, to buy
us a little food, that we may live, and not die. My children
surrounded me, and begged for something to eat, but, alas,
I am very old, and I cannot see with mine eyes, for they are
heavy with the weight of years, and also on account of my
never-ceasing tears for my son Joseph, who hath been taken
from me. I charged my sons not to pass through the gate
all together at the same time, when they arrived in the city of

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