as thou didst demand of my other sons. I pray thee,
take good care of him until thou sendest him back to me in
peace with his brethren. Hast thou not heard, and dost thou
not know, what our God did unto Pharaoh when he took our
mother Sarah unto himself? Or what happened unto Abimelech
on account of her? And what our father Abraham
did unto the nine kings of Elam, how he killed them and
exterminated their armies, though he had but few men with
him? Or hast thou not heard what my two sons Simon and
Levi did to the eight cities of the Amorites, which they
on account of their sister Dinah? Benjamin consoled
them for the loss of Joseph. What, then, will they do
unto him that stretcheth forth the hand of power to snatch
him away from them?

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