by the hand, and presented him to the viceroy, and they
all bowed down themselves to him to the earth.[241] Joseph
asked them concerning the welfare of their father and
their grandfather, and they made reply, "Thy servant
our father is well; he is yet alive," and Joseph knew from
their words that his grandfather Isaac was no more.[242] He
had died at the time when Joseph was released from prison,
and the joy of God in the liberation of Joseph was overcast
by His sorrow for Isaac.[243] Then Judah handed his father's
letter to Joseph, who was so moved at seeing the well-known
handwriting that he had to retire to his chamber and weep.
When he came back, he summoned Benjamin to approach
close to him, and he laid his hand upon his youngest
brother's head, and blessed him with the words, "God be
gracious unto thee, my son."[244] His father had once mentioned

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