peoples; Becher, he was the first-born son of my mother;
Ashbel, he was taken away from my father; Gera, he dwells
a stranger in a strange land; Naaman, he was exceedingly
lovely; Ehi, he was my only brother by my father and my
mother together; Rosh, he was at the head of his brethren;
Muppim, he was beautiful in every respect; Huppim, he was
slandered; and Ard, because he was as beautiful as a rose."[251]

Joseph ordered his magic astrolabe to be brought to
him, whereby he knew all things that happen, and he said
unto Benjamin, "I have heard that the Hebrews are acquainted
with all wisdom, but dost thou know aught of
this?" Benjamin answered, "Thy servant also is skilled
in all wisdom, which my father hath taught me." He then
looked upon the astrolabe, and to his great astonishment he

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