also will be my lord's bondmen." And Manasseh said, "As
you say, so were it proper to do, for if ten persons are
charged with theft, and the stolen object is found with one
of them, all are held responsible. But I will not be so hard.
He with whom the cup is found shall be the bondman, and
the rest shall be blameless."

He searched all the sacks, and in order not to excite the
suspicion that he knew where the cup was, he began at Reuben,
the eldest, and left off at Benjamin, the youngest, and
the cup was found in Benjamin's sack. In a rage, his
brethren shouted at Benjamin, "O thou thief and son of a
thief! Thy mother brought shame upon our father by her
thievery, and now thou bringest shame upon us." But he
replied, "Is this matter as evil as the matter of the kid of

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