the goats--as the deed of the brethren that sold their own
brother into slavery?"[256]

In their fury and vexation, the brethren rent their clothes.
God paid them in their own coin. They had caused Jacob
to tear his clothes in his grief over Joseph, and now they
were made to do the same on account of their own troubles.
And as they rent their clothes for the sake of their brother
Benjamin, so Mordecai, the descendant of Benjamin, was
destined to rend his on account of his brethren, the people of
Israel. But because mortification was inflicted upon the
brethren through Manasseh, the steward of Joseph, the
allotment of territory given to the tribe of Manasseh was
"torn" in two, one-half of the tribe had to live on one side
of the Jordan, the other half on the other side. And Joseph,

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