obeisance to him.[261] But even while paying homage to Joseph,
Judah was boiling inwardly with suppressed rage, and
he said to his brethren, "Verily, this man hath forced me to
come back hither only that I should destroy the city on this

Guarded by his valiant men on the right and on the left,
Joseph addressed his brethren, snarling, "What deed is this
that ye have done, to steal away my cup? I know well, ye
took it in order to discover with its help the whereabouts of
your brother that hath disappeared."[262] Judah was spokesman,
and he replied: "What shall we say unto my lord
concerning the first money that he found in the mouth of
our sacks? What shall we speak concerning the second
money that also was in our sacks? And how shall we

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