liberating Benjamin at his disposal. He was prepared to
convince Joseph by argument, or move him by entreaties, or
resort to force, in order to accomplish his end.[267]

He spake: "Thou doest a wrong unto us. Thou who
didst say, 'I fear God,' thou showest thyself to be like unto
Pharaoh, who hath no fear of God. The judgments which
thou dost pronounce are not in accordance with our laws, nor
are they in accordance with the laws of the nations. According
to our law, a thief must pay double the value of what he
hath stolen. Only, if he hath no money, he is sold into slavery,
but if he hath the money, he maketh double restitution.
And according to the law of the nations, the thief is deprived
of all he owns. Do so, but let him go free. If a man buys
a slave, and then discovers him to be a thief, the transaction

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