speak find entrance into thy heart: For the sake of the
grandmother of this lad were Pharaoh and his house
stricken with sore plagues, because he detained her in his
palace a single night against her will. His mother died a
premature death, by reason of a curse which his father uttered
in inconsiderate haste. Take heed, then, that this man's
curse strike thee not and slay thee. Two of us destroyed the
whole of a city on account of one woman, how much more
would we do it for the sake of a man, and that man the
beloved of the Lord, in whose allotment it is appointed that
God shall dwell!

"If I but utter a sound, death-dealing pestilence will
stalk through the land as far as No. In this land Pharaoh
is the first, and thou art the second after him, but in our

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