land my father is the first, and I am the second. If thou
wilt not comply with our demand, I will draw my sword,
and hew thee down first, and then Pharaoh."

When Judah gave utterance to this threat, Joseph made a
sign, and Manasseh stamped his foot on the ground so that
the whole palace shook. Judah said, "Only one belonging to
our family can stamp thus!" and intimidated by this display
of great strength, he moderated his tone and manner.
"From the very beginning," he continued to speak, "thou
didst resort to all sorts of pretexts in order to embarrass us.
The inhabitants of many countries came down into Egypt to
buy corn, but none of them didst thou ask questions about
their family relations. In sooth, we did not come hither to
seek thy daughter in marriage, or peradventure thou desirest

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