taking part in the dispute between Judah and Joseph, saying,
"Kings are carrying on a dispute, and it is not seemly for
us to interfere between them."[273] Even the angels descended
from heaven to earth to be spectators of the combat between
Joseph the bull and Judah the lion, and they said, "It lies
in the natural course of things that the bull should fear the
lion, but here the two are engaged in equal, furious combat."

In reply to Judah, when he explained that his great interest
in Benjamin's safety was due to the pledge he had
given to his father, Joseph spoke: "Why wast thou not a
surety for thy other brother, when ye sold him for twenty
pieces of silver? Then thou didst not regard the sorrow
thou wast inflicting upon thy father, but thou didst say, A
wild beast hath devoured Joseph. And yet Joseph had done

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