he took a stone weighing four hundred shekels that was
before him, cast it toward heaven with one hand, caught it
with his left hand, then sat upon it, and the stone turned into
dust. At the command of Joseph, Manasseh did likewise
with another stone, and Joseph said to Judah: "Strength
hath not been given to you alone, we also are powerful men.
Why, then, will ye all boast before us?" Then Judah sent
Naphtali forth, saying, "Go and count all the streets of the
city of Egypt and come and tell me the number," but Simon
interposed, saying, "Let not this thing trouble you, I will
go to the mount, and take up one huge stone from the
mount, throw it over the whole of Mizraim, the city of
Egypt, and kill all therein."

Hearing all these words, which they spake aloud, because

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