without spear or sword, using only their strong, unarmed
hands. To inspire his brethren with more terror, Joseph
ordered them to make a loud noise with all sorts of instruments,
and their appearance and the hubbub they produced
did, indeed, cause fear to fall upon some of the brethren of
Joseph. Judah, however, called to them, "Why are you
terrified, seeing that God grants us His mercy?" He drew
his sword, and uttered a wild cry, which threw all the people
into consternation, and in their disordered flight many fell
over each other and perished, and Judah and his brethren
followed after the fleeing people as far as the house of
Pharaoh. Returning to Joseph, Judah again broke out in
loud roars, and the reverberations caused by his cries were
so mighty that all the city walls in Egypt and in Goshen fell
in ruins, the pregnant women brought forth untimely births,

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