Then Joseph reflected, saying to himself: "My brethren
are as pious as aforetime, and they speak no lies. They said
I was dead, because when they abandoned me, I was poor,
and 'a poor man is like unto a dead man;' they stood beside
my grave, that is the pit into which they cast me; but they
did not say that they had shovelled earth upon me, for that
would have been a falsehood."

Turning to his brethren, he said: "Ye lie when ye say
that your brother is dead. He is not dead. You sold him,[280]
and I did buy him. I shall call him, and set him before your
eyes," and he began to call, "Joseph, son of Jacob, come
hither! Joseph, son of Jacob, come hither! Speak to thy
brethren who did sell thee." The others turned their eyes

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