and kissed them all in turn. The reason why he wept
was that his prophetic spirit showed him the descendants of
his brethren enslaved by the nations.[283] Especially did he
weep upon Benjamin's neck, because he foresaw the destruction
decreed for the two Temples to be situated in the allotment
of Benjamin. And Benjamin also wept upon Joseph's
neck, for the sanctuary at Shiloh, in the territory of Joseph
which was likewise doomed to destruction.[284]

Pharaoh was well pleased with the report of the reconciliation
between Joseph and the Hebrews, for he had feared
that their dissensions might cause the ruin of Egypt, and he
sent his servants to Joseph, that they take part in his joy.
Also he sent word to Joseph that it would please him well if
his brethren took up their abode in Egypt, and he promised

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