eleven other wagons, among them the one he had ridden in
at his accession to office, to view the land of Egypt. This
was to be used by his father on his journey to Egypt. For
each of his brothers' children, he sent raiments, and also one
hundred pieces of silver for each, but for each of the children
of Benjamin he sent ten changes of raiment. And for
the wives of his brethren he gave them rich garments of
state, such as were worn by the wives of the Pharaohs, and
also ointments and aromatic spices. To his sister Dinah he
sent silver and gold embroidered clothes, and myrrh, aloes,
and other perfumes, and such presents he gave also to the
wife and the daughters-in-law of Benjamin. For themselves
and for their wives the brethren received all sorts of precious
stones and jewelled ornaments, like those that are worn by
the Egyptian nobility.

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